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New Wave & Punk Covers


Crew Members

Paul 'Doc' - Guitar & Backing Vocals

Andy 'Rothers' - Bass & Backing Vocals

Andy - Drums

Paul - Lead Vocals

At school Paul heard 'Eton Rifles' and wanted to play drums, but they gave him a violin.  He then bought 'Under A blood Red Sky' and begged Santa for a guitar.  Chords turned into songs and he formed his first band.  He sacked the singer, so was forced to sing himself.


The rest wasn't rock 'n' roll history.  It was empty London venues on a Wednesday night.  But it was fun!


Paul's influences include Tom Waits for the songs, Nick Cave for the voice, Morrissey for the lyrics, The Edge / Graham Coxon for guitar and Joe Strummer for the attitude... 

Doc has always been into music.  He started playing piano from the age of 8 but it wasn't until his teenage years that the fretting began!


Doc started playing bass in the early days of 78-'79 with the 'Lovers of Outrage', playing punk covers in gigs in and around Belfast.  This band covered a lot of the tunes The Synthetx now have in their set. He still loves the big bass sound of the Strangler's JJ Burnel.


Doc picked up the guitar a year later and hasn't really put it down since.  He has played in numerous bands over the years, mainly as lead guitarist, playing various styles of rock, punk and indie.


His Irish guitar heroes include Dave Evans, Declan MacManus, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Jake Burns and Damian O'Neil. You know who they are...

Brought up from an early age listening to Sabbath, Floyd, Zep and Purple, Rothers found his musical revelation when he returned from a school exchange visit in 1977 to find his older brother had bought London Lady/ Grip by The Stranglers and White Riot by The Clash. Neither his life or his sanity were ever the same again!


Many punk gigs followed as he snuck into nightclubs in his native Yorkshire, managing to see most of the punk bands in their prime, although he did get thrown out of a B52’s gig for being too young!


Bass playing heroes of Rothers have got to include JJ Burnel, Paul Simenon and Peter Hook...

Andy is self taught on the drums since the age of 13, after an impressionable meeting with the late Keith Moon on the set of the rock opera 'Tommy'.


He has played in various bands since then, both in England and France, most notably in Portsmouth ('Orange Spectator'), Canterbury ('The Electric Turds'), Malvern ('96 Tears', 'The Projectors', 'The Night Trippers' and 'Med Snooks and the Good Scratch') in France ('The Vin Catz' and 'Like A Blues Machine') and since back in the UK ('illegal2dance' and 'Waiting For Katherine').


Heavily into the Brit sound of the last four decades, Andy is still rueing the demise of The Smiths...

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